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I am Pratinav Seth, a final-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Data Science and Engineering at the Manipal Institute Of Technology, India. My interests lie in the fields of Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Trustworthy AI, AI for Social Good, Medical Imagery, and Generative AI.

Presently, I am engaged as a research intern at MILA, collaborating with Dr. David Rolnick on the development of geospatial deep learning solutions aimed at addressing climate change through the application of artificial intelligence.

(PS: The Website is not up to date with my recent updates😥. A new updated version will be up in a few month’s time. For my latest publications - Google Scholar and Positions - Linkedin)

I’m currently looking for Pre-Doc Roles and Full-time roles in the field of Data Science/Research Science/Applied Science starting after Summer 2024 either in-person or remotely. Alongside that, I am open to academic collaboration. If you like my profile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me 😅.

I interned at Bosch Corporate Research, where I worked on Latent Diffusion Models and Vision Generative AI-based applications. I also interned at KLIV Lab, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, working on Trustworthy solutions for screening Chest Radiographs. I am currently working on solutions to mitigate bias in Skin Image Analysis, which is supported by the seed grant from MAHE Manipal.

My past experiences involve working on Robust Neural Networks, Uncertainity Quantification, AI for Social Good, Disease Detection, Data Fusion, Self Supervised Learning, Trustworthy AI, and Diffusion Models. I will be Interning at MILA starting January 2024 and might be in Montreal in a few months’ time.

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